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5 Questions you may be asking yourself when seeking employment

  1. Where do you look for the job you want?
  2. Do you know how to present yourself in an interview?
  3. How confident are you in presenting your education, work history, and skills?
  4. Can you address difficult questions in the interview?
  5. Do you have a professionally prepared resume?

Looking for work is demanding of your time and efforts.   Being prepared is key to getting that job!resume

 Getting the interview and doing well in the interview can be stressful;  this is your one chance to position yourself in front of other candidates.  JTBC has trained professionals to assist you in your search for employment, development of a quality resume, and  interviewing preparation.

2 Great Job Search Activities to Help You better Connect with Employers:

 JTBC staff regularly facilitate the following workshops at the PA CareerLinkTM Beaver County designed to provide you with the tools for getting and doing well in the job interview.

Custom Resume & Cover Letter Workshop – This workshop provides information on how to create a customized resume and cover letter.  You will learn the advantages of using various types of resume formats, customizing your cover letters, and preparing a reference list, in addition to creating a targeted Profile/Summary for your resume.  O*Net will also be featured to show its value as a job search tool/resource.  Attendees will receive helpful information that you can reference and use later to improve your opportunities for employment.

Interview Techniques & Job Search Skills – This workshop provides attendees with strategies to use in preparation for an interview.  Topics and activities include role playing, interviewing Do’s & Don’ts, and answering/discussing common interview questions.  Also included in the presentation will be application preparation, professional development, and post interview follow-up practices and tips.