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A 2013 study completed by research group  – Rainmaking Thinking—  reports that Generation Z (born in the decade 1990—1999) are often lacking in key interpersonal/employability skills.  While clearly tech savvy, able to connect at any time to data via smart phones, many youth from Generation Z  face challenges when having to directly communicate face to face with customers.   JTBC offers the following programs that address and validate work readiness.


The employment community continues to voice concerns about the quality of available job seekers noting many job seekers lack motivation, work ethics or important soft skills.  JTBC offers the following client-center work readiness activities to help job seekers clearly demonstrate work preparedness.  

National Retail Federation Credential

National Retail Federation LogoNRF certification translates into a head start for career success..

The Success of a Business is in Direct Correlation to Excellent Customer Service.  National Retail Federation (NRF) classes offer a common set of skills and knowledge that establishes clear performance expectations from the employer which provide more knowledgeable hires.

Many industries, including retail, wholesale, personal services, real estate, hospitality, banking, insurance and call centers are participating in certification and/or recognize the value for their employees.

Computer Basics Workshop

This workshop covers the basics of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  The Workshop also covers creating professional e-mail accounts, sending e-mails and attachments as well as uploading files.  Clients will be able to create and present a PowerPoint presentation.