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Jan Fisher


March 25th, 2017 will be a day Jan will never forget, it is the day her dream came true.  She opened a unique craft store offering tools, classes, workshops, parties and so much more!  I interviewed Jan a few days after her opening but watched her during her journey.  Incredible!

Jan heard about our Entrepreneurship Program through activities at the Career Link after losing her job.  She took advantage of many of the classes and workshops being offered including one hosted by the SBA on selling crafts on where we first met.

When asked why she took our workshop, she replied she always knew what she wanted to do and knew she wanted to have one central location to create, teach and sell her florals, paper crafts and other handmade items.  She just didn’t know how to put all the pieces into one package.

When asked what she found to be the most important information taken from our workshop series, she stated it was the step-by-step instruction on the various parts of the whole.  Breaking such a large idea of opening a business into smaller, more attainable steps was less intimidating.  Jan is a very organized person who sets clear and precise goals for herself .  She was able to see the large picture of her shop but didn’t know where to begin; a common problem in starting a business.

I asked her what she would suggest to the future participants of the workshop, she replied, “Never give up on dream of what you want to do.”  Work at it gradually, in small, baby steps.  If you don’t have the money at first, keep working and saving, build it little by little. “Don’t get overwhelmed by looking at the whole picture and you will get discouraged.  Look at it piece by piece and not as a whole. Each week, set yourself 2 goals, even small ones, that will contribute to the business. “

A final piece of advice from Jan, “Don’t give up on your dreams.  Stay the course, take little steps to achieve your goals.  Don’t let others influence you in your decision making, know your budget and stick to it.”

Please visit her store at 452 Home Drive, Robinson Township.  Near Buffalo Wild Wings and Home Depot.