For Job Seekers: Job Search Assistance

The job market can be highly competitive, and employers expect job seekers to have developed a strong set of employability skills that stand out from the competition. It is not only important for job seekers to possess these skills, but also to effectively market them to employers during the job application and interview process.

Job Training for Beaver County, Inc. offers the following support to help you through every step of the job search process.

Resume Preparation

Your resume communicates your qualifications and your brand—who you are and what makes you unique. To stand out among other applicants, you need a resume that markets your strengths and match for the job.  Job Training for Beaver County, Inc. offers a resume writing workshop and 1-1 resume preparation assistance to help you develop an effective resume. 

Job Interview Skills

A solid interview can set you apart from applicants with similar skills and experience. It can be challenging to effectively communicate your skills in the limited time an interview provides. Preparation and specific skills can help you polish your interview presence, calm the jitters, and effectively market your skills. Job Training for Beaver County, Inc. offers interview skill workshops and 1-1 interview practice to help you develop effective interviewing skills.

Job Search Strategy

To be successful, job seekers need relevant job market information and effective job search skills that enable them to be strategic in their job search. Job Training for Beaver County, Inc.’s workforce development professionals will help you develop effective job search skills and access the job market information you need.