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Preparing the necessary job search tools including a resume, cover letter, and reference list can be difficult. In addition to these tools, a successful job search requires the ability to create a job search strategy, develop job leads through networking, and communicate your qualifications to an employer during an interview.

JTBC provides instruction in each of these areas through workshops offered at no cost to job seekers at PA CareerLink(r) Beaver County.  These workshops are a gateway into the more intensive one-on-one services that may be available for eligible job seekers through our successful Job Search Assistance Program.

Custom Resume & Cover Letter Workshop

This workshop provides information on how to create a customized resume and cover letter.  You will learn the advantages of using various types of resume formats, customizing your cover letters, and preparing a reference list, in addition to creating a targeted Profile/Summary for your resume.  O*Net will also be featured to show its value as a job search tool/resource.  Attendees will receive helpful information that you can reference and use later to improve your opportunities for employment.

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Interview Techniques & Job Search Skills

This workshop provides attendees with strategies to use in preparation for an interview.  Topics and activities include role playing, interviewing Do’s & Don’ts, and answering/discussing common interview questions.  Also included in the presentation will be application preparation, professional development, and post interview follow-up practices and tips.

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Job Seekers can register for these workshops and many others in person at PA CareerLink Beaver County at the Beaver Valley Mall or by calling 724-728-4860 ext. 205.


Helpful Job Seeker Tips

Establish a separate professional email account for job search activities. Make sure the email address is professional such as  This separate email account with make it easier to track job search activities. Establish a time and a place for job search activities.  Designating a place to keep job search information will help you stay organized.  Creating a job search agenda and setting aside a specific time to work on it will keep you on task with networking, following up on job leads, sending thank you letters, etc.