Business Services

Attracting and retaining skilled workers and maintaining sufficient workforce levels are critical in order for a business to grow and compete. Job Training for Beaver County, Inc.’s workforce development professionals will meet onsite with you to gain an understanding of your workforce needs and develop a customized employee recruitment, training and retention plan to help fulfill them.

Assistance Creating Free Job Postings

We encourage businesses to become a registered employer on the Pennsylvania CareerLink® website  Registered employers can post jobs at no cost. The site also provides free access to job market data as well as information about tax credits, Federal bonding programs and unemployment compensation tax and employer services.

Recruitment Opportunities

As an onsite PA CareerLink® partner, Job Training for Beaver County, Inc. will assist you in scheduling onsite recruitments to attract skilled job candidates and inform you about upcoming job fairs and other recruitment opportunities.  

Customized work-based training programs for new-hires as well as your existing workforce

Job Training for Beaver County, Inc.’s on-the-job training (OJT) program will help you expand your candidate pool to include job candidates with the ability to learn on the job through a customized training plan.    

Our incumbent worker training (IWT) program will help you build and retain a skilled workforce including training employees to advance into hard to fill positions within your company.   

Creating a pipeline of future workers

Business leaders from all industries realize the importance of maintaining a pipeline of future skilled workers in preventing workforce shortages.  Partnering with Job Training for Beaver County, Inc.’s youth program provides opportunities to educate future workers about your career opportunities through high school career presentations and workplace tours as well as job shadowing, internships, and youth work experience opportunities.   

Connecting with other industry leaders

Job Training for Beaver County, Inc. can connect you to local industry partnerships.  These groups of local industry leaders meet regularly to discuss critical industry issues and work together to address them.