Who We Are & What We Do

JTBC is a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) workforce development organization which addresses the diverse career and employment needs of adults, dislocated workers, and youth, along with the important workforce development priorities of employers

For more than six (6) decades, our organization has successfully developed and delivered quality career and training services in Beaver CountyThese services have embraced numerous special client populations including youth, adults, dislocated workers, older individuals, public assistance recipients, low income individuals, and individuals with a disabilityOn the basis of quality standards that emphasize results, customer focused services, and commitment to continuous improvement, our organization has strived to satisfy each customer’s wants and needs effectively and efficiently.  

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to  serve as a channel between the workforce and employers to meet the employment needs of the region.

Our mission is to improve the economic outlook and opportunities within our communities while partnering with key stakeholders in Southwestern Pennsylvania through grants, industry partnerships, and leveraged resources.