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Job Training for Beaver County, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides employment and training services for Beaver County’s economically disadvantaged in-school/out-of-school youth, welfare clients, adults and dislocated workers.  By-laws require a Board of Directors consisting of seven to nine members, appointed by the Beaver County Commissioners, to carry out workforce development activities within Beaver County.  A majority of the Board represents Industry and Business.  The remainder of the Board represents Organized Labor, Community Based Organizations/Human Service Agencies and the County Commissioners.

For over thirty years, JTBC has successfully made available programs through funds provided by federal workforce development legislation entitled the Job Training Partnership Act of 1982 and the Workforce Investment Act of 1998.  These programs have targeted various client populations, ranging from adults, dislocated workers, older individuals, welfare recipients, disabled, and youth, serving more than 10,000 individuals.  On the basis of quality standards that emphasize results, customer focused services, and commitment to continuous improvement, JTBC has strived to satisfy customers’ wants and needs effectively and efficiently.



  • Maximize and leverage available resources to prepare the job seeker for high-demand occupations that pay family sustaining wages.
  • Support local businesses in search of a ready, well qualified workforce that meets the demands of industry change.
  • Partner with area schools and stakeholders to help youth realize connection between academic excellence and success in the workplace.
  • Continue to establish and maintain partnerships to increase access for employment and training services that support area economic development.



  • Point of Contact for the Beaver County PA CareerLink™Operator Consortium.  Management team responsible for operational oversight of local one-stop with mission of linking employers and job seekers to workforce and career services that will advance their economic well being.
  • Member of the Beaver County Energy/Advance Manufacture Partnership, a collaborative effort to “connect the dots” between education and business to articulate employment opportunities within these key industry sectors.   More information available at
  • Active member of the Beaver County Collaborative Action Network (CAN).  The mission of CAN is to unite community leaders through collaboration, networking and quality trainings to improve the organizations that positively impact Beaver County.  The CAN website serves as a valuable information and referral source to assist individuals and organizations.
  • JTBC is also a contributor to the Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development (CED).  CED receives financial support from a number of government, business, and individual contributors.  This support is used for a variety of projects which stimulate job creation and private investment through locally evolved initiatives.


Also available for you to review on this page is the most recent 990 for Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2014.  The Form 990 is a public document that is made available to the public to obtain information about the tax-exempt sector and individual organizations, helping to ensure transparency.

Job Training for Beaver County
Board of Directors

  • Officers
  • President Julie Dittman
  • Representing Business
  • Vice President Thomas Dolph
  • Representing Business
  • Secretary/Treasurer Ken Brewer
  • Representing Business
  • Members
  • Marie Timpano
  • Representing Nonprofit/Human Service Agencies
  • Michael McDonald
  • Representing Labor

Helen Kissick
Representing Business