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Career Awareness

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Thinking of a certain career?

Do you know how much education and training is needed?
Will you like this type of work knowing what the job fully entails?
Will you be able to find a job locally in this career?
And, will this job pay enough to support me?

JTBC’s Youth Assistance Building Careers (Youth ABC’s) presents opportunities for youth to gain knowledge of career paths and the job market, as well as, understanding of skills and qualifications necessary to be successful in a particular position.

Career Awareness with a STEM Focus

High Priority Occupations slated for growth in the Southwest Corner Workforce Investment Area require a solid foundation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Skills. STEM education integrates math, science and engineering disciplines, demonstrating that these disciplines are interconnected and proposes that technology can be used to tie them together.   Experts say that technological innovation accounted for almost half of U.S. economic growth over the past 50 years and almost all of the 30 fastest-growing occupations in the next decade will require at least some background in STEM.

Over the past three years, JTBC has joined efforts with a number of partners including Penn State Beaver, Beaver County STEM Advocacy Coalition, and the Beaver County Energy & Advanced Manufacturing Partnership  to connect students, educators, and employers with learning opportunities on career pathways for STEM related occupations.

STEM Related Activities

Beaver County STEM Day
JTBC coordinated with CCBC and BASF for a Beaver County STEM Day (December 2013) for Blackhawk high school students.   Twenty-seven (27) Blackhawk students toured the CCBC Aviation Center learning about Flight Training and Air Traffic Controller Programs. Students next visited CCBC Main Campus to tour the Industrial Maintenance facility. The day concluded with a visit to BASF manufacturing facility, meeting with several engineers and learning about their career path.

Job Shadowing
Throughout the school year, JTBC works with employers to arrange Job Shadowing opportunities for youth to see and speak with employees performing job tasks in the work setting.   Heighten job shadowing activities are arranged in coordination with National Ground Hog Job Shadowing Day held during the month of February.  This past February 2014:

  • Ambridge students and educators visited Eaton Corporation, touring Moon Township and Vanport sites.   Students were able to learn first hand manufacturing process for electrical apparatus and related equipment.
  • Rochester students visited Pocket Nurse, Potter Township learning about warehousing logistics for medical supplies.
  • Other employer job shadowing activities have featured:  TMK IPSCO, Western PA Laborers Training Center, Carpenters Training Center, PGT Trucking, Army Corp of Engineers – Montgomery Locks & Dam.

JTBC connects youth with employers to explore a possible career by working in the career field.   Student internships have been arranged in areas such as emergency management, transportation & logistics, information & technology.

Summer Career Camps

During summer of 2014, youth ages 14-16 attended JTBC’s Career Focused Camps including Energy, Transportation & Logistics, and Building Trades to experience first-hand the skills and education needed to work in these industry sectors.

  • Energy and Transportation/ Logistics Camp, held June 30 –  July 18, 2014, gave students the opportunity to visit many local businesses to learn about the career opportunities in the energy and transportation fields.  In addition to researching the many job opportunities in these industry sectors, students got to visit area employers and see and speak with professionals on-the-job.  Employers opening their doors to our camp participants included PGT Trucking,   Montgomery Locks and Dam, and the  Beaver County Transit Authority.    Energy sector employers and associations featured: Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association (PIOGA), and Westinghouse Electric Company.
  • Building and Construction Camp, held June 16 – June 30, 2014, provided students with a hands-on community service project conducted in collaboration with Beaver County Career & Technology Center and the Beaver County Office on Aging Senior Gardens.   Students learned basic trade skills  such as tool usage, plan development, and safety tips while completing a construction project identified by Penn State Master Gardeners.

Energy & Advanced Manufacturing Partnership
JTBC is actively involved in a year-long effort to “better connect the dots between education and business” to develop a qualified future workforce in the high priority occupations of the Energy and Advanced Manufacturing industry sectors.   Employers will have opportunity to communicate skill needs.   Schools and students will gain a better understanding of the skill set and educational requirements, and family members/community will be given a chance to learn about the industries to help youth with career decisions.   More information can be obtained at