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photoTell us about your business…

Hello!  My name is Lindsay Jackson.  As of September 1, 2014, I became the new owner of an existing  residential and commercial cleaning business previously held by Mrs. Cindy Hupp, from Hupp’s Cleaning.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Hupp last March and have been working with her ever since.  She has been nice enough to impart her wisdom and guide me through this process, allowing for a smooth transition.

I would like to share a little bit about myself.  I am 31 years old.  I have been a registered nurse about 10 years now.  I actually graduated in May 2014 with my Master’s Degree as a Nurse Practitioner from Carlow University.  I just passed my board certification.  Praise Jesus!  In the meantime, due to some changes in my life, I have felt the urge to reposition myself in the workforce and serve people in a different way by cleaning their home or work environment.  I know this sounds silly, but I like to clean and find it very therapeutic (can just hear the comments now).  Really though, I have discovered a great passion for cleaning!

I feel honored and privileged to have landed such an awesome opportunity!  I have several sub-contractors that work for me;  I am thrilled to be working with such a great group of women that have tons of experience!  I am looking forward to this next chapter of my life in which I can meet new people, make lasting relationships, and hopefully be a blessing to those in need of my service!

How did the Entrepreneurship Training Class help you in your pursuit of becoming a business owner?

The class helped introduce me to the business mindset and the questions that needed to be answered in order to develop the framework of a small business.  In addition, I was able to meet fellow peers who had the same desires, wants and dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.  It was exciting to discuss our ideas and bounce them off of one another, while listening and learning from each other.  The instructor Jeanine, and her assistant Alicia, were awesome at urging each of us to really think critically about different aspects of our business, by providing constructive criticism and genuine concern.  The guest speakers from all of the small business resources were very helpful as well and enhanced the experience.

What do you remember most about the class?

Besides the people I met, the connections made and all of the valuable information obtained from the class, I think what I remember most, was all of the encouraging words provided.  I really cherished the quote of the day that Jeanine shared with us in the mornings before each class.  Furthermore, the inspirational videos from such authors as Brian Tracy and Earl Nightingale really sparked interest in me.  I will forever remember “Eat That Frog” and spend my time working toward “A” goals instead of “B” goals.  Another take away message was Nightingale’s constructive thinking.  I have utilized this approach to motivate, generate and visualize my goals – personally and professionally.

What is the most important thing you have learned about being a small business owner?

The most important thing that I have learned is that there are always going to be challenges along the way – financially and emotionally; however, you have to be open-mined and roll with the punches.  It’s how you deal with the road blocks that make you and your business positive, productive and successful.

I think in the future my biggest need will be quality subcontractors that want to work hard to serve people.  As for now, I think an essential need for my  business  is marketing.  In order to get my business name out there in the public eye, I have to find more ways besides business cards and shirts to do so.

What “Words of Wisdom” can you offer to other aspiring business owners?

It would behoove all aspiring business owners to take the Entrepreneurship Training Program to help open the appropriate doors to the business world.  It’s also important to remember it’s a process…take it one step at a time and practice patience!

It’ll all work out the way it is supposed to!

Contact Information:

Lindsay Jackson
425 Buffalo Street
Beaver, PA  15009