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Computer Demanufacturing

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Job Training for Beaver County Inc, in partnership with Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania, is now providing a Computer Demanufacturing (Recycling) Program to help you properly dispose of your equipment.

Since 1995, Goodwill has operated a computer recycling program and through a commercial partnership with Dell, Inc. established in 2006, Goodwill was able to expand the initiative into what is now called “Reconnect Pittsburgh”. The Goodwill partnership with Dell insures a safe, secure, and environmentally responsible computer recycling program that combines Goodwill’s donation tax credit opportunities, expertise in helping individuals learn marketable job skills,and Dell’s recycling experience.

comp_manu3 comp_manu2Benefits:
Security – While JTBC, Goodwill of Southwestern PA, and Dell are not responsible or liable for personal data or hard drives, be assured all operations are conducted in a secure environment. In the “demanufacturing” of the computers for recycling, data is wiped off the hard drive to a standard that exceeds Department of Defense requirements.

Job Skills – Residents involved in this program learn valuable job skills to help them better compete in today’s job market. Skills addressed include: general assembly/warehouse skills, inventory control, tool maintenance, as well as, pre-employment/work maturity skills.

Resell – If computers are “restorable”, computers are refurbished and made available at Goodwill’s ComputerWorks retail store in Lawrenceville.

No Cost:
We will responsibly recycle outdated electronics free of charge. This program is authorized by the Dell Asset Recovery & Recycling Groups. Note – TV donations and microwaves will not be accepted.

comp_manu4Collection Site:
Businesses, Schools, or Organizations may contact JTBC at 724-728-2020 x129 to arrange free pick up of unwanted electronics. Individuals may also drop off personal computers and electronics at our Mall location using the rear area near Planet Fitness during business hours of Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Ring the bell for assistance at garage entrance area and we will help you unload.

Contacts for Additional Information:

  • Dave Zusinas
  • Demanufacturing Program Manager
  • 724.728.2020 ext. 129